Membership is available for both individuals and organisations in Sports Hospitality, with benefits to suit. See here for more details


If you, or your organisation, have recently joined the Sports Hospitality Association, welcome, we are here to support you.

Organisational benefits will commence immediately. As we are a brand new association individual benefits are being added to and will evolve on a monthly basis, yet we launch with a number of resources to assist in your development.

As well as our annual conference and exhibition, you will have access to our regional thought leadership and networking events.

2019/20 Events (See events for more info)         

  • Thought Leadership Events
  • Regional Networking Events
  • Conference & Exhibition
  • End of Year Awards Ceremony

As well as professional development we want to support you personally. We are offering discounts with specialised life coaches including anxiety and mental health support. 

You will receive fortnightly communications and updates from us, with benefits being added on a monthly basis to support you throughout the year. 

Welcome to the Sports Hospitality Association.

Still to come in 2019

First Networking Event 

Added Member Benefits

Job Board Launch (NOW LIVE!)

National Exhibition Announcement

Looking forward to 2020

Industry Research & Reporting

Networking & Thought Leadership Events

Added Member Benefits

SHA 2020 Conference