Who we are

We are in a generation that require more than hospitality. They need an experience that’s sought after, and remembered. This is why sport is the number one choice for corporate and premium events.

The Sports Hospitality Association is a community of organisations and individuals throughout the UK, EMEA & Asia who provide experiences within sports hospitality.

Our mission is to support, promote and give professional recognition to all official providers of sport hospitality within our growing community.

Experiences for the generation


Charity Partner

Each year, the Sports Hospitality Association are choosing a charity to partner with and support. For 2019/2020 we have chosen to support The Bodie Hodges Foundation.

The Bodie Hodges Foundation was formed in 2012. Following the death of their beautiful 10-month-old son, Bodie, the family wanted to offer support to families who have been bereaved of a child.